Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Yay - Hebel Power Floor

I got the chance a couple of weekends ago to inspect a friends house with Hebel Power Floor installed.

We were initially concerned about the Power Floor due to cost and longevity of the product but the benefits can be easily summed up as follows...

1) Superior acoustic and insulation properties compared with yellow tongue.
2) Fire rated - great for bushfire areas and I guess also to buy you some more time if a fire starts down stairs and the fire alarm fails.
3) Solid & level floor - no creaks or squeaks, 75mm thick and steel reinforced.
4) Construction peace of mind - much more resilient to the elements when exposed.  Yellow Tongue is limited to 3 months only.
5) takes same time to install as yellow tongue.

It was really difficult to imagine the floor whilst at Studio M because, they can only show you some pictures and a paver sized section of the power floor.  But seeing it as an entire floor substrate convinced me that it was absolutely worth the cost.

Here's a video link to how it is made ....

And here it is a general video from CSR the makers of Power floor.

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  1. How much did Metricon charge you to install the power floor upstairs. I did mine with EBH.